Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quotes of the Month

Look at this little trouble maker!

While we were in California Dylan had a few great quotes that I just had to write down. He loved California and just the other day told me, "Mommy, I don't like Georgia anymore, I just want to go back to California." Amazing. Even a 3 year old knows how great California truly is!

1) Ok, so while we were in California, Dylan became very attached to his grandparents, and uh....very unattached to his mother to put it mildly. At one point he was mad at me for wanting to join in on the grandparent fun (I think Dylan was helping the Mounts pack and I was going to help or something) and he yells out, "no mommy, not one more word mommy" then he turned around to grandpa and said, "I cant deal with mommy right now". HAHA, a chip of the old block eh?

2) One morning he asked Cameron for a treat and Cameron of course said no. So Dylan preceded to say, "Hey daddy why don't you go in the other room...or maybe just turn around daddy"

3) This one is my favorites and probably not at all appropriate to be telling, but since when do I hold back? At one point Cameron was trying to get Dylan to go potty so he said, "lets go Dylan, we are going to have a peepee fight" (Don't ask). Dylan preceded to come in the bathroom and say, "Daddy, I dont have peepee so maybe we can have a poopoo fight". Cameron then asked how to do that? Dylan slid over to one side of the toilet and said, "I sit here daddy and you sit right there, and we poopoo at the same time." CLASSIC! I love my boys!

4) Ok, here is the last one, and one that you mounts will appreciate. While we were at the Mounts farewell party at the church Brother Lishman asked Dylan, "Did you know that your gramndpa and I used to play basketball in this gym?" Dylan responded with, "No, my grandpa has a boken leg, he cant play basketball". Awww...sad but pretty funny right?


Katie said...

LOL...I was dying reading those. Funny little man!

coco said...

I don't know what DD is going to be when he grows up---but I'm hoping for a stand-up comedian

heidimount said...

I love the things he says and I love that you will have a record of them! I have, over the years, thought 'I will remember that forever' and sadly, I have forgotten many funny things the kids have said. It is so fun to keep it in your blog, Dylan will LOVE this one day!!!