Sunday, September 20, 2009

California- The Rest!

I have to apologize for being so off the ball these days. It is always surprising to me how bad pregnancy really does make you feel. I haven't been up for phone calls, hanging out, blogging, or really...doing anything. This nausea is really taking its toll on my body. And can I just say, I hate having to constantly remind myself, husband and others that I am in fact pregnant. I should make a t-shirt and just wear it all the time so that I have a permanent excuse for my sour face and lack of enthusiasm. It should say, "I'm pregnant, any questions?", or, "pregnant=moody...dont be so surprised". I mean really, I am so tired all the time, and my emotions are out of control, I am so dang moody! I feel so retarded for having to explain my crying spells to people. I mean really, I really should have more control, but I don't, I swear. I have been reduced to feeling like a social moron. (Especially that babysitter situation Jim and Elaine...please realize that was so not me!)

Anyway, I know I can't complain because I am making a miracle, but I should be allowed to vent once in a while right?

Alright, So, for the pics! These are the rest of Cali. We were able to meet up with Cameron's buddy from high school, Matt Lydon and his wife Rachel, who is also expecting. We are so excited for them! Oh the joy! :)
We were lucky enough to be in town for Lucus's first birthday! It was fun and special to be around the Easbey clan again. I LOVE THAT FAMILY! Lets hope these two cuties can hook it up when they get a bit older!We were excited to see the great granparents again. We only were able to get this pic of grandpa Mount, but Jim has all of the other great ones on his camera. I will have to update that later. It is so fun seeing the generations together. I never knew either of my own grandpas, so it is nice for my kids to have three grandpas that they get to see every year.

My sweet baby girl!

We were able to stay with Jonaneli in LA for a few days at the tail end of our trip. Our time with them never seems long enough especially when we are keeping score. I don't think I won anything this trip...but surprisingly, Anneli did! :) Oh, and so did Cameron...I think. (Man I am mean!) ((IiM PREGNANT!))


coco said...

I love how Dylan is politely holding Granpa's catheter for him

g-ma-ma said...

That was a trip you won't forget in a long time, right? I was amazed at how much you accomplished and how you hung in there in some pretty tough times. So many good things, yet so difficult. I hope that you start feeling better really soon....maybe we can help out in a few days---we'll be in GEORGIA!!!!