Sunday, August 16, 2009

A trip to the Zoo

So throughout the week we keep saying, (and we meaning I) "This may be the last time we do such and such". And, "I will never do this ever again". So of course the zoo fell into this catagory of something we had to do again and again before leaving SB since we might never come back here again.

Before leaving for the zoo, Sydney decided to go say goodbye to the baby. I think they like each other.
The kids were so cute holding hands of and on throughout the day. It was mostly Dylan and Kali, but every now and again I would force Dylan to hold Syds hand, what a good big brother.
Syd found her sleeping place on the bench by the giraffes I think she liked the texture of it...strange. We all missed Germina the crooked neck giraffe. It is so not the same without her. RIPLook at that lion sitting right there in front, man he totally owns the place. If you look close, the lioness is between Kali and Dylan on the rock below. And how great that the train is in the background? I loved this, perfect pic of the zoo experience! The kids were in aw of these animals. It was kinda neat to see them stop and really check them out. Even syd was into it!

Dylan and Kali checking out the parrots.
It was a fun day! Going to the Santa Barbara zoo is always a fun activity. I will totally miss coming back here every year :(. Not to mention, this is where I met Harrison Ford in 7 th grade and asked him what time it was. How can any other zoo beat that!?


Katie said...

You're making me sad. You BETTER be coming back to SB at some point! :(

Ange said...

loved the santa barbara adventure pics. Sydney is so sweet asleep on the bench. I was hoping to see some more pics of our newest niece. We love the blog pics. Your close-up pics are the best. Have a wonderful week cute girl