Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby Aliya is here!

Aliya Nayeli Shaeer is here!!! She was born on August 18th at 6:26 PM. She weighed in at 7lbs 6 oz and is 20.5 inches long.
I was there from start to finish starting Sunday early morning to Tuesday evening at 6:26 pm. It was the longest labor I have witnessed let alone HEARD of. Emily labored completely naturally with no drugs for the entire time, and even pushed for 4 hours at the end. Can I just also say that she was at 9cm for 5 hours! That along with the 4 hours of pushing tires me out, but she did that after the several hours it took to get to that 9. IT WAS CRAZY! Emily was AMAZING! She didn't complain once, and she trooped through it unlike anything I have ever seen. She turned into Super woman in that hospital room! As it was, Aliya just wouldn't budge into place so they needed to do a c-section in the end. It was a relief to us all, especially Emily, to finally get that baby out into the world. Aliya is so beautiful, and I was so fortunate to have been there for it all. I saw a side to my sister that I had never known, and Im so proud of her.
Day 4 of Aliya's life. I was able to take Emily and Aliya to the first Doctors appt. Look how alert Aliya is, and look how great her mommy looks!Dylan and Sydney meet there new cousin!
Sisters! Sadly we werent able to get any pics of Lindsay, but of course she was there at the hospital too.


Katie said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Emily is an amazing woman! I would have NEVER been able to do that! Congrats to all the Wests! :D

coco said...

What a cutie--thanks for posting!

Holbrook Girls said...

Emily is truly amazing! Please tell her and Amir congrats for me. Their daughter is so beautiful and Emily looks gorgeous!