Monday, February 20, 2012

A Very Star Warsy Birthday

 Dylan turned 6!  About 4 months ago I found a bunch of clearance Star Wars party stuff at target and decided to do yet another Star Wars Party.  It was so much fun! We had 10 kids that were between 4-8 years of age.  It was crazy! Thanks to I had a blast planning all of the decor and games.

These suckers were 20 cents a piece after halloween...I HAD to get them for party favors.
 Dylan helped me put Jedi stickers on the juices.  This was actually his idea since he just got a huge sticker book for his birthday from the Mounts.
 This was my favorite part of my decor.  I usually go all out for cakes, and this year I decided that I was just too tired.  Dylan was really upset when I told him we were doing cupcakes, but when he saw this he was SO excited. Whew!  BTW, check out Han Solo trapped in the carbonite jello to the right.  Rockin!
We did Jedi Training once again so for the first order of business, the kids had to get their lightsabers. Cameron had the boys use the force early on to get those (Yes those are pool noodles wrapped with tin foil tape.)

 They had to keep the balloons off of the floor using their lightsabers.  I am not sure what the things are called in the movie, but this is supposed to mimic that:
The kids went downstairs to do the obstacle course. Cameron turned the fog machine on and had them walk across a balance beam, across hot lava (over chairs), under a table, up the stairs, down the slide, do flips on the couch and jump over Darth Vader, etc. The kids loved it and went through it about 20 times each. (I have no pics because it was too foggy.)

We then went upstairs to rescue princess Leia.  She was trapped in a balloon and the kids had to pop them to find her.  This was hysterical.  The kids were jumping as high as they could and landing on thier ballons, and still the balloons wouldn't pop.  I so wish I captured this on video.
 At last to complete the Jedi Trianing, they had to destroy the death star.  The kids all had a turn to "soften" it with the good heavy bat, and then they all picked up their foam light sabers and went to town.  They all destroyed it together.  It was perfect!
 After the party the kids had fun dressing up.  Sydney loves the "Vader" costume.
Here are a couple pictures preparing for the party.  It takes about 12 days to do a pinata. Here is when we first started while his friend Alex was over to help
Painting is the best part! Look at that focus. He really is "Great Art"

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