Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Valentines Day is always very special, but this years was extra special.  Dylan got married!  HAHA, well, not technically.  In Dylan's kindergarten class, Q and U got married.  The boys were U’s and the girls were Q’s.  Could this be any more comical?  Not a chance.  Dylan and Canaan were partnered up with Maya. The kids walked down the isle and to the “here comes the bride” song, they exchanged rings, blew kisses to their brides, and even had a reception party down the hall.  It was hilarious, and one Valentines day that will not be forgotten. The best part was that the person officiating was the school principle, Mr. Childers.  The kids were in heaven, and the parents, well, were sitting in their respectful places trying to hold back their laughter. It was fantastic! 

After the wedding I was able to look at all the art throughout the room and found this: 
The kids were to write a letter to their secret valentine.  Dylan was the only person who wrote it to someone of the opposite sex in his class.  (Most wrote it to family members or friends).  Dylan has no shame, he is in LOVE with McKenna and will tell anyone who asks!

After school, Cameron and Grandpa took Dylan in a surprise date to Star Wars Episode 1 in the theater.  3D!  They came home and we had a little family party for him.  It was a great day! 

We celebrate best with family dogpiles:

Here is my darling Mace Face on Valentines Day before heading off to ali's house for the afternoon:

 Cameron and I celebrated Valentines this weekend with 4 of our favorite couples. We went into Atlanta to Bistro Niko in Buckhead. It was delicious!  I had scallops for the first time and they were amazing.  Now when I watch Hells Kitchen I can appreciate it a bit more.  :) So yeah, we dressed up, dined for about 3 hours, and then got stuck in the parking garage for about 30 minutes.  It was comical.  

All in all a great V-day celebration! Happy V-day!

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