Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Moms Arm Wrestling 2012

We had our yearly MILF arm wrestling contest this last sat night at the Ally Cat. It was so fun! But, get this, (and this is by no means meant to hurt any feelings for those who planned the event), but I just found out that the charity event that this benefits is the rape crisis center in town.  Am I the only person that finds something terribly wrong with this? I don't really like what MILF stands for, but it is kinda funny and its gets people out to have a good time (and participate in something positive and a bit out of the ordinary).  But really...MILF's Benefit for Rape Crisis? That feels like a headline I would see on Jay Leno's Late Night Show.  This is terribly offensive, and so much so that I can't say anything about it without making the event planner feel humiliated.  So, what do you do?  (whatever your answer is...I am not doing it!)

Moving on.  This year was much different that last.  To keep it short, let me just tell you that a friend of mine, Janet (who is a lesbian), turned to me about halfway through the competition and said, "well you know what you have learned from this don't you?", "that if you stand a chance next year, you are going to have to sleep with a lot more women!" HA!  It really was lesbian central, and I have to say, they were all ripped! They were so freaking strong!  The last 5 standing were ridiculous!  I didn't stand a chance, but that didn't stop Cameron from buying a t-shirt with my face on it and telling everyone that I was runner up last year.  He was cute an supportive, and loved bragging about his now weakling of a wife.  I went out in the second round to the woman who I beat in the first round last year.  Ugh!  She is a beast though. Trucker turned yoga teacher... I was screwed from the start.

Here is the design on the shirt. Its a picture of the finals last year with Johnna and myself.  I am the one on the left:

 The Table:
 Cams favorite co workers:  


Tracy said...

Go Brittany! Look at those arm muscles! :)

Kristine Pratt said...

So fun! You are so skinny and toned!!!