Thursday, October 13, 2011

Soccer 2011

This fall Dylan wanted to play soccer (not baseball), and boy is he great! I can't believe the difference one year makes. He is the second best player on his team, scoring between 2-4 goals every game. Here is the problem, Dylan likes to push (when nobody is looking...its more of a hip check more than anything else)...he thinks its a trick to the game. So, when a kid pushes back with his hands, he gets angry. In fact, he gets so angry that he yells and stops playing. It's a problem. The worst though is that he leaves every game now crying that people push and he "never wants to ever play soccer again". The last game, this bigger kid was on him because he kept scoring and at one point picked up the ball and threw it at Dylan's face. He was only about a foot away from him so it hurt pretty bad. I got all Jerry Springer at the parent in the should have seen me :) So, since this game, Dylan absolutely hates soccer. He hates sports. He said he doesn't ever want to play anything that involves touching. So, swimming it is! He is so athletic, I can't just give up on it can I? Eh...hopefully he will like band or long as he has something right?
My little Mace Face. She loves going to the fields to kick around.
The girls like to sit/stand on the bench with DD. Way to support. (Notice Syds french braids...I am getting better :)

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