Monday, October 31, 2011

My mom's a pizza

Cameron and I are having a debate about punctuation at this very moment. I have never understood the Happy birthday, Mom comma placement. If the sentence is Happy Birthday Mom! WHY A COMMA? I don't like it and I don't get it. Judge me cause I am stupid and hate English grammar, but come on, isn't a comma excessive? We don't need to break up a three word sentence and especially one that has an exclamation point. Right? Cameron gave me the example of the following: Mom, I made you a pizza. And: I made you a pizza, mom. I get it in both of these examples but somehow he is turning this whole conversation into me wanting to make my mom into a pizza. WTF? English is lame, I am moving to Spain.

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coco said...

I'm on your side Brit- our language sucks and that's why I've refused to teach grammar to my students for the past 15 years; it doesn't make sense! (Did I use that semi thingy right Cameron?)