Sunday, October 23, 2011

Boo at the Zoo!

Boo at the Atlanta Zoo!
We went with our good friends the Anderson's and thier son's Jack and Max. It was such a great day!
Dylan immediately went all grins when he saw Curious George. He absolutely LOVES CG. He is allowed one 20 minute show a day when he gets off the bus, and without fail, EVERY day (rerun or not), he chooses Curious George. He also gets to pick out one library book at school once a week, and again, he is always coming home with CG books. He is obsessed! I was SO happy when I saw him near the corn maze. Thanks Zoo people!
Spooky train ride. Don't forget to say "boo!!"
Best Buds. Jack the bat and Dylan the Dragon. When Dylan was deciding what he wanted to be for Boo at the Zoo, he said, "I want to be the Dragon because then Jack will be the knight and he will kill me." (Cute that he was thinking ahead since Jack was a knight the last time they all were dressed up for the parade...great memory Dylan...a little gruesome though:)
Sydney found a new best friend in Melissa. I couldn't have been happier (and more grateful). Cameron was working (as usual) so I was going to take three kids out on my own. Luckily Missy decided to come and help. I owe her one!
Dylan's second love: Star Wars. Look at that face.
I thought Grandma would appreciate this one. He is taking care of his tail so that it doesn't rip or get dirty! Love!

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