Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mrs. Independent

Look at my little Mrs Farrah Fawcett. She is 18 months already! Here is some new stuff on Macey:

-She has a ton of words...more than any of my other kids at this age. Probably because she has older siblings. We were driving yesterday and she pointed out the bus! Crazy.
-She LIVES on the kitchen table. Obnoxious? yes. Dangerous? yes. But she sits still when she is up there...usually...and it gives me enough time to do the dishes without her hanging at my feet. WIN!
-She poops when her diaper is off. Nearly EVERYTIME if we don't remember to put it on real quick. Most kids pee when they get out of the bath or take off their diaper due to the wind or cold, but not Mace...she likes to drop turds all over the floor and then proceed to walk in them and track them all over the house. It's so fun!
-She sings! To the Beatles: The "Pleeeeeee---eeeeeeeeeeee-ase love me do" part. Also, in the safety kids song, when the kids talks about screaming she screams every time. Its hilarious. She has her fingers in her mouth and the boy says, "we yell" her fingers come out and she yells very quiet...its super cute"
-Macey loves dog food. Mostly just dumping it out...again and again.
-Oh she called out "DD" today in the bathroom! She knows all of our names; mommy, daddy, mamey (macey), Ali, mamma and mampa (grandma and grandpa), but not DD or CC yet Until today!
-She likes to be tickled and says in a squeely voice while pinching my arms, "teekle teekle". Fun but ouch.
-Oh, and today she came walking out of her room funny, like she had to use the bathroom. So I asked her, "do you need to go potty?" to which she responded, "yeah" and ran and climbed up onto the big toilet. She had already gone in her diaper, but She gets it! And I LIKE IT!

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