Tuesday, June 14, 2011


She is growing too fast and I don't like it! I recently posted about her obsession over the toilet. It has not stopped. I still find shoes, hair bows, and really, all manner of things in there throughout the day. I had to take a pic the last time I saw her doing it.
She has found the trash can:
She is still on the table 95% of the day. We move the chairs away from the table and yet she still manages to get up. Frustrating! She has also started throwing tantrums lately where she lays out on the floor screaming (usually after we take her off the table). It was cute the first few times she did it.
She is a quick learner, and she has a way with figuring things out. I found her doing this the other day: (If you can't tell, that is her bottle that she has found a new way to drink from)

SYDNEY: Is doing great. I have no new pictures, but she has started a speech program at the college in town and I have come to believe that that is another major reason why we were supposed to move here. The program is amazing! She is doing well and is on her way to where she needs to be.

DYLAN: He is such a boy! I don't know when there isn't ever a huge cut or bruise on Dylan's body. Here is his recent "accident". He was walking to his room...face on the ground trying to be funny. After about ten seconds he stood up and started crying of a rug burn. Genius.
If any of you know me, you know that I rarely shower. By rare I mean, NEVER. I think the pool has become my rinsing basin. And shaving? I can't even talk about it. It is all just too hard with kids. Judge me, I don't care, you are NOT in my shoes :) So, I was going out yesterday with some friends and thought I should shower while I had all of the kids in their rooms for quiet time. I heard the phone ring a few times but couldn't get it obviously...so the kids came out to answer it...and play with it. A few minutes later, as I stepped out of the shower, and I heard a knock at my door. Dylan runs up screaming, "there's a policeman at the door, there is a policeman at the door!" I seriously put on my robe, and go to answer it realizing what my kids had done while they were playing with the phone. Awesome. To top it off, Dylan comes running down the stairs to see the policeman and when I look down at him (at the same time the officer does) we both see blood dripping down his nose (from the scab he had just picked on his face). I was horrified! "Yes officer, everything here is fine".

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Kristine Pratt said...

Happy Birthday! So neat you have such a personal relationship with your nieces and nephews! I am jealous. Love the picture of Macey on the table, so cute! And that story is awful!!!