Sunday, June 19, 2011

And the answer is....


So I have noticed lately that Dylan will start to follow me around when he knows I am about to get changed in the morning or at night. I try practicing modesty in our home since he is 5 now, but I have to admit, this is VERY difficult for me. I can't shower without the door open while the kids are all up, and I can't really get dressed with the door closed unless Cameron is home. So with that said, Dylan knows that he has to leave my room when I am changing.

Yesterday as I was going into my room to take my swim suit off, Dylan ran in and stood at the doorway to watch me.

Me: Dylan why do you like to watch me get dressed?
Dylan: (shyly) Because I like it
Me: What do you like about it?
Dylan: I don't know. I just wish everybody in the whole world didn't wear clothes.
Me. Why is that? Do you like seeing people naked?
Dylan: Yes. But not so much boys. I like looking at naked girls.


Along with this, he has recently told me that he likes wearing dresses because of how it feels on his legs. We started buying him some silky basketball shorts and wallah! He is almost off of dresses! He loves his bball shorts and now sadly, will not wear anything else. He also will now differentiate between the girl and boy clothes and laugh saying, "I can't believe I am wearing a girl dress and nail polish...that is such a funny girl thing". It might be bad to say, but I am glad that he and I are now aware of his gender stuff. I don't feel like I have to be so sensitive about it now...does that make sense?

Another new Dylan thing is his sassiness. And I mean SASSY! He was trying to say something to me yesterday and I couldn't understand him.

Dylan: You know the words that I am saying, I know you understand me.
Me: I am sorry Dylan, I know the words that you are saying, but I do not understand the question.
Dylan: Why mommy, am I mumbling?

Ha! I turned around and couldn't help but laugh (I made sure Dylan didn't see), then I quickly put him in a time out. Can you believe that!? He even knew what he was saying was not sassy because he wouldn't even look at me after he said it. Humph! I have never EVER said this in my life...where did he get that from? I later asked him when recounting the story to Cameron and he told me that he heard it on Tangled, the movie. Great. Thanks Disney.


Jacki said...

This whole post makes me laugh! I tell you, Brooks HATES wearing stuff on his legs. He has even contemplated about moving to Hawaii just so he could wear skirts to church.

Cameron said...

HA! Love it, only Brooks.