Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lucky Aunt Britney

I have the cutest nieces and nephews ever! I have always known this, but living so close to many of them makes it easy to be reminded of this fact. They are all so sweet!

Here are just a few reasons of why I love these kids so much: (I have many more nieces and nephews, but these are just the ones I live closest to and see on a regular basis)

Livvy and Maddie: When Dylan is crying and throwing a fit, often times I will look over and see one of these girls whispering something in his ear. I never know what they are saying, but somehow it always manages to calm Dylan down.

Logan: He is such a great Cousin to Dylan. He will play Star Wars for hours with him and put up with him for the most part. It's fun seeing him act as a big older brother.

Madison: She is my gal! She is so old now, and so beautiful. She is so much fun to talk to and chat with about every day things. She is so talented too...She is Shar in the making. She also helps me a lot with my kiddos...kudos to her!

Jordan, Conner, and Andrew: Let me just say, tubing out here on the lake would be a complete bore if we didn't have these teenage boys. We have SO much fun together. (Probably a little too much fun...I think they are going to be the death of me out on that lake.) Aside from making my arms bleed they too are hilarious! Love them!

So with all of this said, here are three letters that I got from the Mount kids on my birthday. I hope they don't mind me sharing but I just had to journal these. They are so great!

Jordan's: (yes that says dear oldie) :)
Logan came up to me the next day too and said, "did you see my message in your card? I called you Britstar." He was so proud that he came up with that. It was so sweet.

Who wouldn't love these kids?

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