Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary Cameron! 10 years!

We made it ten years! I can't believe it has been this long, wow, I am OLD! We are planning a trip to Cancun in a month, without the kids! I can NOT wait! As for yesterday though, we went out to dinner, came home and made chocolate peanut butter fondue and enjoyed a night in. Perfection! Here was our ongoing conversation on Facebook though...pretty fun! It was so hard to pick just 10!

‎10 years ago Britney West Mount and I tied the knot, and my life was changed forever. What follows will be 10 memories (in no particular order) that I am glad we have together.
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    • Cameron D Mount ‎1) Green Day concert in 2005 when you were pregnant with Dylan. We rocked hard, you covered your stomach 'cause you were worried it would cause prenatal deafness, and then we spent the night in some Egyptian Suite at the Anniversary Inn. Good times!
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    • Britney West Mount ‎1) dodging the federales in Mexico in Jonos truck...and guarding our stuff with "our lives"
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    • Cameron D Mount ‎2) Me losing the train tickets 2 weeks into our European backpacking trip, and you not biting my head off. Amazing!
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    • Britney West Mount ‎2) You losing the train tickets, and us miraculously finding them. Now THAT was amazing!
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    • Cameron D Mount ‎3) Tornado rips through our neighborhood, you hulkishly charge into the basement bedroom, pull the 90 lb. memory foam mattress off the bed, and cover our little family in the bathtub. You hoisted it with the strength of many men that night...
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    • Britney West Mount Ok now this is just embarrassing! 3) Rollerblading through the streets of LA trying not to kill ourselves and thinking we were "cool"
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    • Cameron D Mount Our bravery in agreeing to move to Portugal for a year to play pro volleyball in a very strange land. You were brave enough to wear buns, walk past the pervert at the castle, and heat our apartment with a toaster oven when I was out of town. Awesome.
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    • Britney West Mount Don't forget, bond with your coaches who didn't speak english, in a dark cellar in the middle of who knows where whilst you slept like a baby in your hotel room. 4) My most embarrassing moment EVER! Flying home from Ireland...
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    • Cameron D Mount BONG, BONG, BONG!!! 5) Your weird job in LA resulting in us taking some clothes back to Teri Hatcher. "I loved your work on Seinfeld, Ms. Hatcher, it was spectacular."
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    • Britney West Mount ‎5) Hitchhiking and pulling up a tent next to a castle in Italy. Note, this was not the night we slept in a puddle of water where you forced me to go search for help at 3 am, alone, in Florence. I still love you.
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    • Britney West Mount ‎6) The births of our three children. Perfection. (aside from the pain, hallucinations, and worry of course) We make good kids!
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    • Cameron D Mount ‎6) The births of our children was one as well. I would say that you dealt remarkably well with the insects crawling on your legs and feed during Sydney's labor, and that you were quite the athlete during all three labors.
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    • Cameron D Mount ‎7) Your willingness to move to Colorado Springs days after our honeymoon so I could try out for the WUGs. Also, your (perhaps concerningly quick) willingness to take off your wedding ring while you worked at that diner to make us some play money. :)
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    • Britney West Mount ‎7) Playing Dr Mario through the wee hours of the morning for months and months (with our other soul mates). Wow, we were pathetic! I wanna play. Right. Now. (I will still kick your trash!)
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    • Britney West Mount ‎8) Seeing your face when we walked into The Cavern in Liverpool, England. Priceless.
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    • Cameron D Mount ‎9) Any time I am fortunate enough to make you laugh really hard. (and every time I kick your trash in Dr. Mario.)
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    • Britney West Mount You skipped 8.
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    • Britney West Mount ‎9) Experiencing the Osborne lights with you at disneyworld. Incredible. That place truly is magical.
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    • Cameron D Mount ‎8) Foam Party, London. Freaking hilarious.
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    • Britney West Mount Crap I forgot that one. 9 revisited) Snowboarding our first time in the Swiss alps, sleeping in that whitey tightys Parisian flat, hiking the "disneyland castle" in germany, sleeping in a castle in Bacharach, palm Sunday at the Vatican 10 rows back....I think our backpacking trip needs to just be summed up into just one big memory..."can't get no, satisfaction".
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    • Cameron D Mount ‎10) Jumping off the balcony onto a huge pile of mattresses in the Times Square Marriott in the middle of the night (technically this was before we were married, but still memorable.)
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    • Britney West Mount ‎10) Sneaking into luxery hotel pools and hot tubs and making up stories of ourselves and how we met.

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