Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Britstar!

I turned 29 yesterday and Cameron was so sweet as to let me celebrate all weekend.

FRIDAY: We took Dylan to Six Flags for the day while the girls stayed with grandma and grandpa. It was awesome. There were no lines, and Dylan was open to try everything, including his first loopty loop. The first time he went on this loopty ride he was terrified, but wanted to go again immediately after. Halfway through his second time he yelled, "ok mommy, I don't want another loop". I felt bad since there was nothing I could do, and at the end of the ride he yelled, "I am NOT doing that again!" Then said, "but I was was really brave wasn't I mommy?" YES he was. I was so impressed with his willingness to try new things and the way that he kept his fear in check. He didn't scream or cry, he just had the saddest scared-est face that I have ever seen. It was so sad, but he just kept on begging to do more. At one point Cameron and I were in line for the brand new ride Dare Devil Dive, (Dylan is 3 inches too short for it), and when we got to the front of the line a boy (shorter than Dylan) walked off the ride smiling. Dylan immediately wanted to try it. I was a bit hesitant but after assessing it's safety, we gave in, and he did it. I couldn't believe it! He is 5!

Here is the before his first loopty loop:
Here is the during: (we are in the middle. I kept one hand up as to assure Dylan that we were perfectly safe and that it was "FUN", and one hand on his leg so that he knew I was there...I was a bit freaked out, I'n not gonna lie).
Here we are at the Rapidss the end of the ride we heard some screaming from one side of the boat. The chicks were freaking out at the stowaway that we had on board. Look at how big this frog was.
Dylan loved the bumber cars but managed to stay in the same place the entire time...only spinning around and around. He couldn't figure out how to drive right. Afterards he was asking, "how do people get to college if they don't drive?...I don't think I am going to drive in a very long time...I wasn't very good at it"
Here I am trying Superman. Awesome ride! I have to say though, it kinda sucked going alone. I was terrified...especially at the acraphobia ride. Those rides were not meant to be ridden alone...FREAKY!
Midway through the day after we had been on nearly every ride at least once, we went to the water park that is in the back of the park. It has 6 big water slides, and it was perfect for Dylan since he didn't have to be a great swimmer to go down. It was so fun to watch Dylan experience another first for the day. As a mother, I don't think there is a greater joy than watching your kids experience something awesome for the first time. I won't forget the sheer joy upon Dylan's face as he came out the bottom of that water slide, and gave me a high five after his first loopty loop. He was so proud. I was so proud. I hope I get to take all of my kids on dates such as these throughout their lives.

SAT: cameron worked but came home and put the kids to bed and cleaned my house while I went out grocery shopping. Not glamorous, but super helpful...which is what mommies like!

SUN: Woke up to my favorite fruit crepe breakfast then I came home from church and napped for 5 hours! Then, I woke up to a yummy dinner, and went to Ali's for birthday games with the family. All of my GA family was there...perfection. I even got a few fun gifts too :) My favorite though was the video that Cameron and Dylan made for me. A-Mazing! Also, the letters from my nieces and nephews were a huge highlight...Can I just say I have the best nieces and nephews ever! (Post incoming on this topic).

MON: After work Cameron took me out to dinner with some friends.

Can I just say, I MARRIED RIGHT! I am one LUCKY lady!

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