Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Made it

If anyone knows me, they know that I am not one to sit around without a project. They also know that I LOVE change, (I love moving rooms around and trying out new things), and that I am SUPER cheap (I am a BIG fan of spray paint!). I love art and would buy a ton if I had the money, but instead I have to make my own rather than buy the store bought crap that is so generic. Oh how I wish that I were an artist...

Here are some of my latest:

I printed silhouettes onto old newspapers from Portugal. I didn't use the main articles about Cameron of course, but if you look closely, there are a few that talk about his team, and the volleyball club that he played for. I thought it was such a nice touch!
I copied this print idea off line, only, I used ghetto tools to make it. It turned out great and looks good on my shelves.
I just made this for fathers day, it is a map of the subway trains in NYC. Cameron served his mission in NY and so I thought he might like this. I had a whole night planned with NY pizza, cheesecake, the works... then found out he had to work. Booo. I did end up giving this to him today though. He loved it! (and I didn't have to tell him what it was...wahoo!)
Most of my projects are based on particular room that I am trying to "fix". I have so many neat things but they don't often go together. I get a lot of hand me downs from family and friends, (thank goodness) and sometimes I have to reinvent a particular item so that it fits my decor. are some of the things I have done:

Sydney's room:
I think Heidi (my sister in law) furnished this entire room (even down to the bedskirt and comforter)...all but the things hanging on the walls. What would I do without hand me downs? Thanks Heidi (and Olivia for you old room!)

I made this Sunshine was the first song she ever learned how to sing. Check out these cute wall stickers that I found at the dollar store while getting frames for Dylan's room. It was a buck for something like 30! Love that place!
Fresh coat of paint on the vanity (it was off white), new drawer knob, and I reupholstered the bench. I loved this fabric!
A girl needs her bows and flowers! (And I need my ribbons! Where would I be without my ribbons?)
I used the ribbons on the curtains as well as on the frames (thrift store) in the cheap and so cute!
Here is what it looks like all pulled together. Isn't this bed AMAZING? I loved it from the moment I first saw it in my nieces room. Gorgeous! I can't believe that Heidi gave this to me. It made my year. It sounds ubber lame, but seriously, it is the bed I always dreamed of having as a little girl. I think I still dream of canopy beds (only my husband is too long to to fit in one). I am not gonna lie, there are days when I get overwhelmed, and this is where I go to just lay. It makes me so happy!
I think I am finally done with her room...all but the curtains. I love them, but one of them shrank when I washed it (like 8 inches!) So I need to figure something out...maybe sew in some of the chair fabric on both curtains. Any ideas? I don't want to buy or make new ones!)

Dylan's room:

I didn't really do a whole lot here, but I want to show off Dylan's new Star Wars room. We didn't change the paint or bed at all...just picked a theme and went with it. I went through Cameron's old boxes of his Star Wars stuff in the attic, and boy was I stoked! He had such fun stuff to decorate with. Dylan is in LOVE with Star Wars and I thought it would be so fun for Cameron and him to enjoy this room together. Just as Syds room is "my" dream room, Dylans room is now Cameron's ;) Gotta love it.
What is a Star Wars room without a vintage poster?
Here are some patches and I just happened to have these frames in the attic. Win! Also, Look at his old books, and the little micro-machine type action figures (I had a funny graduation tassel frame that I held worked great!)Dude, he had a pez collection, and vintage card collection.
Lithographs! He had about 80 to choose from, and I spray painted some ghetto dollar store frames.



Kristine Pratt said...

I am so impressed with your decorations! I need your help!!! I have yet to do Hayden's room, she is still living in a blue boy room with nothing on the walls. I keep using "we have no money" as my excuse. I just don't think I have the talent to make cheap look as good as you do. I need to work on this because it seriously looks like pottery barn to me!

Jacki said...

Brit that all looks awesome! Their rooms seriously look like they are out of a home magazine! Good work my friend!