Friday, May 6, 2011

Spanking is the New Spanking

Update on our spanking/yelling

Spanking has been officially ruled out of our house. Since the quarter reward for yelling however, Dylan thinks he is going to get a dollar for spanks. I came upstairs yesterday to Dylan bending over, booty in the air, with a big smirk on his face.

Dylan: Mommy I just want you to spank me
Me: Why? (Realizing what he was wanting I jokingly said, "well, it's going to be a really hard spank then").
Dylan: Well, um, (lowering his booty just a bit, and whimpering a little bit), OK. You can still do it.
Me: Dylan don't worry, I am not going to spank you, we agreed not to do that anymore.
Dylan: Yeah I know, thats just how much I love money

On the yelling note, I am impressed with how much the quarter system has kept me in check. It's more about Dylan reminding me about the quarters that keeps me in check...its great. I raised my voice once yesterday (which really to me was not even close to a yell more of a stern voice) during a very frustrating dinner time. Without any hesitation, Dylan just laughed and said, "mommy you owe me a quarter." Ughh, it wasn't really a yell, but instantly my frustration was over as I got up to get his quarter. I sat back down and we all had a good laugh. Perfection. I think this is gonna work!

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