Friday, May 20, 2011


G-mama got these jammies for the girls on their birthday. I love them, and I LOVE my girls!
Could these two look any less alike?

Macey, although my easiest baby, is into EVERYTHING! If I turn around for a second she is on top of the table, eating the dog food, and more recently throwing anything and everything in the toilet. (I never had a kid that did this...maybe because I was able to keep the bathroom door closed since I didn't have a 5 year old). Last week on a few different occasions, I found a sweater, my necklace, uno card, princess shoe, and a headband in the toilet. The worst part, is that on a couple occasions the toilet had not been flushed and yes, it was number 2. NASTY! At one point I heard Dylan say, "ughh mom, Macey put something in the toilet again!" only to run in and see Dylan peeing on the object in question. Wonderful!

Macey is so quick and quiet when she moves too. When it comes to the toilet she is a little ninja! The other day she pushed to door open (while Cameron was going) and threw a toy in real quick mid stream. Hilarious!
Here is Macey getting into Syd yogurt that was left on the table. I walked in after using the bathroom to find only take 2 minutes to make a complete mess!
With three kids there are a lot more messes, (obviously since I can't be in three places at once). You have food messes, potty messes, toy messes, pen messes (yes, our first on the wall), toilet messes, bathtub messes (splashing and flooding), dirty skid-marked underwear on the floor messes, etc. I walk into a room 20 minutes after it has been cleaned and there is always some sort of surprise waiting for me in store. It is absurd! But it is my family, and I have to laugh and find joy in the little things, right? Just don't come over to my house and say I didn't warn you!

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g-ma-ma said...

I love that picture of Macey....she IS soooooo quiet as she goes about her destruction :) Love her......