Friday, May 20, 2011

Date with Grandpa

Grandpa picked up Dylan and Logan for a little date together at home depot. They made wooden cars, and then met us after at the health fair in town. There they kids were able to see emergency vehicles, and prick their fingers for a glucose test. None of the kids wanted to do this (obviously), so Dylan decided to try it to show he was bravest of all. Of course then Logan and Maddie both tried it cause they didn't want to be shown up by Dylan. :) Very funny. None of them cried, and all of them were so proud of themselves.
Dylan made the front page of the Times Georgian with one of these pics (I can't remember which one)
Maddie and G-mama weren't there yet :(

Here Dylan was waiting for grandpa to come. I think he sat there for at lest 25 minutes waiting and singing,"Grandpa hurry up, grandpa hurry up". Sydney decided to join in the sit and sang along side Dylan. I wish I video taped that part! Those two are two peas in a pod!

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That picture by the window is it!!!!