Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Willowbrooke Opening

Cameron and I had fun dressing up to go to the opening of the new Psych hospital in town (the first psych hospital to open in GA in over 20 years). It was a wonderful event in which they honored the employees for their dedication to the people. Now that Cameron is somewhat in management it was neat to see how important he was to the company. I will admit that it was awkward and uncomfortable meeting tons of random people, but it was great to see and hear about the work that Cameron does, and the great things that people have to say about him. He is so good at what he does and I am so proud of his accomplishments. I see a little bit of mommy resemblance in this photo. I wasn't sure if it was because of the curls in my hair, or just the color, but for the first time ever, I can see that she really is MY daughter.


Katie said...

Hot Mama!!

Anonymous said...

I always thought she looked like your daughter. But I can definitely see what you are talking about in that photo. She looks just like you!