Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Day at the Lake

Our bishop and friends Scott and Traci Henrichson's invited the entire Mount family out to their lake house this last week. We had a blast as usual. Sydney loves the movement of the boat. She is happy as a clam while it is moving, but the second that it stops the fussiness begins and it is time to pass her around. That girl NEVER stops moving. The boys all went out first (and of course took zero pictures), and them the girls and Dylan went out. Here are pics of the fun!

Mommy and the kids! Notice that Heidi and Maddie are in the tube next to us. Heidi hadn't planned on getting in the water so she did not bring her swim suit. However, Heidi decided to go in and did great job not getting wet at all during the 20 minutes she was in the tube. Of course, in the end as she was getting out of the tube she fell right in. She spent the remainder of the day in wet jeans, but never complained. What a trooper, and what a mom! Dylan and Maddie.CC watching the kiddos get dragged behind the boat. Syd is actually smiling for once.

G-mama and Coco take Dylan for a ride on Big Bertha. Dylan was trying to get (warmy) while riding with G-mama.

I loved watching Sydney on the boat with the wind in her hair. She was so happy and content.


Jim Mount said...

Doesn't grandma look great!

Karimah said...

This was awesome!!! I am glad that Cameron's day off was put to good use!! (He REALLY needed it) I am so glad you all had a great time. It was also great to see Sydney so animated - not as much open mouth trout!