Thursday, December 18, 2008

All I want for Christmas...

I am tired and all I want is an undisturbed nap. I was reminded today of a funny incident that happened four years ago upon our arrival to England. Cameron and I just arrived to Uncle Jim's and we couldn't wait to put our stuff away and go explore. Minutes later a photo was taken of us hunched over, knees on the floor and heads planted face down on the bed. We actually slept like that for a couple hours before we woke up in our drool and saw that it was dark outside.
Today was another one of those days where I could sleep anywhere. I passed out playing in Dylan's room, (in his bed which is 3 feet by 8 feet), and luckily awoke 5 minutes later to Sydney screaming because Dylan was trying to brush her teeth (or lack thereof).

I need a nap.


msemilywest said...

I for sure preferred the "or a funny indecent" version of this post. It so clearly conveyed your complete exhaustion. It also made me laugh and feel compassion for you at the same time, which is a great combo.

I hope you get some zzzzz's soon.


Britney said...

I changed the title for you. I thought it was more appropriate. Haha.