Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Shopping

Going to the mall is a family event. Cameron stays at the soft toys with the kids while mommy shops, or vice versa. It is the only way to get our Christmas shopping done.

Here is Sydney LOVING the tunnel tree toy, and her mommy.

Sorry DD, its time to go. Blow a kiss to the soft toys.


coco said...

hey Brit-
I love your new posts. I have been hearing some funny stories from mom (Dylan waking up a sleeping Jackson and dragging him down the hallway just because he wants to play!)--I am so sorry that your last month has been such hell! I wish I could have been the basement aunt to releive you a bit. I like your list of 61 things about you. Why did you stop at 61? I was having such fun reading them! You're awesome!
See you in a few days ;o)

Britney said...

haha good question, I don't know why I stopped at 61. I guess ran out of things to write...can you think of any?