Monday, December 1, 2008

"Jesus is hungry"

Christmas is coming and we are so excited! It didn't even take a day after Thanksgiving to get all geared up for the holidays. I know what you are thinking and yes I did take part in the madness of Black Friday. Don't think I didn't get up at 5:30 so I could wait in a 2 hour line at Toys R Us for a swing set. It is unbelievable how a gift for my kids can make me do something so ridiculous. Do you think they will ever know that I did that for them? Don't think I won't be reminding them every day when they are older. They better recognize! Seriously though, It is so sad to me how children can really question their parents love for them throughout their life. I know that every parent at one time or another has made huge sacrifices for their children, but it is sad because their kids will never remember it or know it. It kills me to think that one day Dylan might not know of the love that I have for him. I hope that that day will never come, and I will continue on with my absurd gestures of love in hopes that he will always know that I will truly do anything for him.

Anyway, to get on with my story, we have been decorating the house and talking a lot about Christmas these days. So, we are on the way to G-mamas house and Dylan began talking to me about Santa and presents. I decided that I should probably start telling him the meaning of Christmas before he gets too obsessed with the commercial holiday. So I tell him about Jesus and his birth and to make it a bit easier for him. I tell him that its a big birthday party for Jesus. He then says, "will there be a birthday cake mommy? I said, "no but there will be lots of presents". He then says, "but Jesus is gonna be hungry mommy". I of course just start laughing and adoring my son from the drivers seat, and then he continues on and says, "can he have a airplane cake?" (Since his cousin had an airplane cake last week). It was the sweetest thing ever. From here on out, every Christmas eve we will be having a birthday cake for Jesus. I think I am going to like that tradition. What a smart little boy I have.

Here is a pictures of Sydney with her cousin Hayden (Allan and Kattie's youngest). Syd's got a shiner from her older brother who just wants to play with her. So sad. I have many more pictures from the week coming, but I have to get the disc from Jason.


coco said...

DD is so smart and charming. I bet Jesus will love having an airplane birthday cake on Christmas! What a great tradition. Forget Santa and cookies and milk and a carrot for's caketime for Jesus, cuz he's gonna be hungry at his birthday party. I can't wait to eat up that kid of one-liners. (and I also can't wait to protect Sydney from him!)

Love ya and keep those posts coming, I'm totally stalking your blog girl!

Britney said...

Haha, I love that you are a blog stalker. I think you are the only one who ever actually posts. My family hasn't figured out how to do that yet :)