Monday, December 29, 2008

"Its Christmas time and the ponies"...

Christmas music is my absolute favorite, especially when you don't know the words to a popular Christmas Carol "You don't have to be a child, to love the symphony"(Breathe of heaven), or my all time favorite,"its Christmastime and the ponies"(Silver Bells). I am sad that I have to wait another 11 months before I can enjoy and butcher the seasonal music again.

Speaking of the Christmas season, this was the first year that Dylan really understood what was going on and it couldn't have been more magical. He watched the Polar Express every morning upon waking up and couldn't wait to see Santa come Christmas day. He was so excited to see Santa that he didn't end up falling asleep until 11:30 on Christmas Eve, it was too cute. On top of this, this was our first Christmas that we spent as a family alone, and it was absolutely perfect. On Christmas eve we did have a Jesus cake (see earlier Jesus post), and on Christmas morning Dylan was amazed and quite mad that Santa had eaten a few bites of Jesus cake that was left out for him. It was very cute!

We opened up all of our gifts slowly, playing with each and every one. The highlights of the day were of course Dylan's new scooter from the great grandparents, the kids records and player from the wests (a childhood favorite), the fishtank wich sadly had no fish in it due to their untimely death come Christmas morning (Cameron was hiding it form the kids and I and when he came up from downstairs Christmas morning, he had a sulk on his face and all he could say was, "one of the gifts didn't work out".) It was sad, but we went as a family the next morning to pick out some new fish (which died while we were in the hospital for four days with Syd...poor fishies). The kids also received a swing set from the Mounts, this was their biggest surprise. The swing set was the last thing that they saw of course. We had spent 3 hours the day earlier putting it together and hiding it in the garage. When we brought Dylan out to see it he was so stunned and he quietly pointed, "whats that". He then took off running to the slide to try it out. It was super cute. I live for those moments!Sydney also loved her swing that we hooked onto the swingset. She can't stop giggling now that she can swing quite a bit higher.After all was said and done guess who showed up? All of our cousins here in town. It couldn't have been a better surprise. We LOVE when they come over! We felt so loved and we were so glad to be around family.

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