Saturday, December 21, 2013

Soccer 2013

This was Sydney s first season playing soccer (since she broke her arm last seasons three practices in.)  She loved it and was great.  She was a bit shy at first and didn't like to push herself into the action, but when she did get a hold of the ball and touch it, it made her day!  She scored one break away goal during the first game of the season!  It was fantastic!  She was beaming with pride.
If you notice, Dylan is in the back corner.  He was the team mascot,/helper.  He loved running on the sidelines cheering on this sister.  It was very sweet.
Sometimes the bench is much more fun:
This was Dylan's third time playing soccer, and boy is he a natural!  I had no idea!  He surprisingly enjoys paying defense rather than offence which is very rare and so exciting.  I think he will stick with this sport for a while, as he felt very valued and important to the team this year.  

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