Saturday, December 21, 2013

Random Fall Fun!

Gorgeous Macey Facey at the Soccer Fields
We bought an apple peeler/slicer! I hae ALWAYS wanted one of these.  This is the kids new favorite after school snack. :)

A new trail just opened up that goes around the entire city of Carrollton, its called the Green Belt.  It is awesome and we try to ride on it every week.  The kids love it!
 Painting Pumpkins!
 Candy Apples!
 Aunt Ali likes to read to the kiddos
Playdough time!
Dylan's most recent art.  Ok, he is 7 years old.  7!  He draws better than most 40 year olds!  Look at that shading, texture and perspective!
Ice Cream Dates!  We have new behavior charts and when they are filled up, the kids get an ice cream date. 
The girls are now sharing a room!  IN preparing for baby James, we have decided to put the bpoys and girls together.  The girls love sharing with each other and whispering stories to each other at bedtime.  Sydney also likes reading stories to Macey at night.  It is adorable and is working out so much better than I had thought!
Art Time
Johnny Appleseed Day
Big Blue Eyes
Macey helped me make some frozen dinners for when the baby comes.  We are getting ready!
Halloween Crafts!
Always dressing up.  This girl is hilarious
I think its time for a new blankie.  :( Poor Macey

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