Monday, October 28, 2013

PRO Fall Festival

My first PTO Fall Festival at the kids elementary school!   
 I was in charge of the cotton candy...hence the blue gloves
The life flight helicopter came out to the school.  Coco, Cameron and I were not prepared for how emotional that would make us.  We saw where Jim would have been laying when he was taken to the hospital just weeks before.  There are only two helicopters in the area so this very well could have been the one that Jim was taken in.  It was small and cramped, but the medics told us where his head would have been and that he would have been cradling the head and talking to Jim throughout the entire flight.  That brought some comfort.  It was good to see, but hard to see at the same time.  It is just still so unreal.
As an official Co Chair of CES, I was proud of this event and excited to be a part of it.  Yay for PTO moms!

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