Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gentleman of the Road Tour 2013

Gentleman of the Road Tour 2013
St Augustine, Florida
For our Anniversary and Birthdays this year, we decided to go with some friends to Florida to see the beach and some amazing bands...without kids!  We have only done this 3 times since having children, so it was a treat.  We went for 6 days with our good friends, Jeremy and Lisa Anderson.  It was fantastic and such a needed break from reality, especially after the recent passing of Jim.  Cameron needed something to take his mind off of life, and music was just the ticket!
Cameron in his element:
The set:
 Mumford and Sons (my favorite band at the moment):
This prego takes breaks between sets...sorry peeps.  I was HOT and TIRED!
The festival was great but we were severely disappointed to find out that the band FUN cancelled last minute.  They were the main reason Cameron wanted to go in the first place, but luckily they were able to get John Fogarty from Creedence Clearwater to come play with the band in the opening set.  It was memorable especially hearing and singing some of Jim's old favorites.  It got us both pretty emotional :)

This was the highlight for me considering it had been a while since my toes last touched sand.  The water was warm, the beaches were empty, and the weather was beautiful.  We slept in, went to the beach, slept some more, read, swam, went to the pool, then ate tacos.  It was the perfect break without kids, and in preparation for the new baby.
St Augustine is the oldest city in the US.  It was a beautiful town with some fun history:

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