Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Macey Facey

This is my mom when she was a little girl.  I looked just like this too, but I have no pictures on hand at the moment.  This will just have to prove that Macey is ALL West/Spransy.  Its crazy weird to look at your child and see yourself.  It wigs me out sometimes...even her personality is like mine.  She is moody, stubborn and constantly on the move climbing on everything! It trips me out.
 She is a spaz, and ALWAYS preforming (just like her daddy)
She and her sister are two pees in a pod.  During the weekdays I don't think a day goes by when Macey doesn't as ask where Sydney is or says, "I wanna go get Sydney from school".  She sometimes will even go sit by the stairs and wait for her to come on the bus.  It is super sweet. They are so great together...lets hope it lasts!  
On the weekends they both beg for a sleepover in their room. How can you not love these two?

Funny Macey story:
Mrs Macey (3) has now decided that anytime she is sad and needs to give me an explanation, it is her babies fault.  Yes the babies that are in her tummy that she has named James and Aleesa). She talkes about her twiins ALL THE TIME.  She tells me what they will look like and that they will be "funny".  Sometimes when she is throwing a fit and carrying on and on about it, I will ask her what is wrong to which she responds with, "the baby in my tummy just kicked me really hard and it hurts!"  Recently she even blames it on the boy "...and it was the boy not the girl that kicked me".  What in the world!?  Today, she took it to a whole new level at the dinner table when I asked her why she wouldn't eat, "Sobbing she says, cause my baby in my tummy doesn't like it!"  This girl is something else!   

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