Thursday, March 1, 2012

A day in the life...

 I wonder when how many spilled drinks it will take for me to learn that not putting a lid on Syds cup results in nothing short of a bath towel on the floor for cleanup.  I am not even kidding.  I rarely put a cup up without a lid, but every single time I do, its only minutes before water is spilled all over the table and floor.  Its actually a running joke between Cameron and I.  When it spills, we just turn to each other and smile as if to say, “will we ever learn?"  Apparently not.

Motherhood is so HARD, and SO CONSTANT! Keeping up with these 3 little ones is difficult, but very fun. They are so great!

I thought today it necessary to share the events of just one day in my home:

Sydney had a fight with a wood board on my bed (a project that I am making for my jewelry), and obviously lost.  Poor girl. I am glad that she did not need stitches but Jason glued it shut for healing/scaring purposes. 
Macey takes after Sydney in everything that she does these days.  She screams when getting dressed, getting her hair brushed, putting on her seatbelt, playing with the same toys, etc. Today while playing with playdough she held it up to her face and said "ho, ho, ho, ine Santa!" (She takes this from Sydney in the bath with bubbles). Its cute until I walk out of the room for 2 minutes and come back to see the entire clump of playdough in her mouth!
Dylan, I mean, Boba Fett climbing trees that weigh just as much as he does. $5 bucks says his arm will be broken one day because of this fact. Oh and in that bottom corner is Matthew his new friend from the neighborhood who lives at our house.  He is great and keeps dylan happy and playing outside.  Win!
Syd plays with her tan-grams everyday. These were mine when I was a kid and I am surprised they are still  in such great shape! We recently laminated some printouts for her to use and she loves them.
 After bath and dinner these kids like to cuddle on the couch.  Look at these girls! They truly are the best of friends!  I am sure that I was this way with my sisters as a kid, I just don't remember it. I am constantly amazed by how much love I see between these two...and I have to admit,  my greatest joy as a mother is to see my kids play together, and take care of one another.  It doesn't get much better than this!
Oh, and did I tell you that Macey transitioned to her big girl bed this week?  She loves her bed, and at night runs into her room screaming, "big girl bed" and lays right down.  She has transitioned so well, its crazy!  She does wake up a little bit earlier than she used to, but she still will nap easily without any complaint.  I am so lucky!  

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