Thursday, March 15, 2012

Great Art

Some of my recent Dylan favorites:
 "The sub is undr watr. The bus is on land"
 "George Washington was born in Virginia.  He livb (lived) on a farm. He rod horsis. He was hom schooled. He loved the laned (land). He had woodin teeth. He was a liar. He was our first president."

 Dylan watched Ghost Busters a few weeks ago at Aunt Alis house, then drew this at church the next morning.
Dylan: Daddy, do you like my funny knife?
Cameron:  Dylan, its a putty knife
Dylan:  I'm not ever going to call it that

"Mommy, do you like how I drew the really shiny part (the reflection)?  Most kids would just draw it all grey, but I know how to draw the really shiny part".  

 "My snowman has a carit nos. He is wering a stript hat. His name is Dylan He livs owtside my hows. He likes Star wars.  He came to life at 2003. He has a dog named Marlee.  He is smrt. His nicnam is D.D. I am his Dad."

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coco said...

So Dylan: "I'm not ever going to call it that!" I can hear him saying it right now.

p.s.- how much do I love that Macey walks around the house with the remote to her ear saying Coco. :-)