Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All you need is LOVE

Today I was taken back to one of my favorite movies of all time, Love Actually.  In that movie there is an eight or so year old boy who is "in love" with one of his classmates at school.  He does everything he can to get noticed by this girl who is going away (maybe moving...I can't remember). It is very sweet, and in the end the girl kisses him on the cheek and it makes all of his efforts worth it.  (Cameron cries during this scene every time). This reminded me so much of Dylan today when I asked him how his day went. (I started writing it down in that moment because I didn't want to forget it:):

DD: Mckenna broke up with me today but don't worry, we are back together
Me: What do you mean back together? How long have you "been together"?
DD: Ever since she was my friend mommy.  She has always been my girlfriend.  She tells me she loves me all the time.
Me: Oh she does?  Do you tell her you love her?
DD: Yes, but she says it funny, like shes sad or something.
Me:  What do you mean?
DD: Well her voice gets lower and lower when she says it.  Like this:  (he whispers and gets quieter and quieter and he says "I LOVE YOU").
Me: (with a little chuckle) Well that's funny.
DD:  Yeah, well I like to say it loud...so she hears me.
Me: Oh that's important.  So you love her like a friend right?
DD: (annoyed) No mommy, I love her like you love Daddy.  I only love everyone in our family, and Mckenna. It's real.
Me: It's real? What does love mean to you Dylan?
DD:  I don't know
Me: How does it make you feel?
DD.  Happy.  It's like in Sesame Street: (and no joke, he begins to sing the chorus of a song that is on my Sesame Street CD in the car) (Title is "A REALLY GOOD FEELING TO HAVE")

"Love is what you feel
When you feel you want to singLove is what you feelAbout your most favorite thingLove is a feelingEverybody likes to feelYes love is a very good feeling to have"

Me: (smiling from ear to ear) Love IS a really good feeling to have.
DD: Yeah, so I told McKenna I would make her a video today.
Me: What do you want to do in the video?
DD:  Well, I want to do a video like the one I did with daddy, only this time I want to jump out of the trees yelling "I love you".

Could my kid be any greater?  Seriously, I don't believe so. 


coco said...

So did you help him make the luv vid? Please please post it! What gifts has he taken her-any wedding proposals yet? Did her 'Q' marry a different 'U?' Was that their 1st fight? I cannot wait to interview my not so little Dylan about his girlfriend.
and I love LOVE the Sesame Street sing-a-long CD especially: "Yes, love is a really good feeling to have!"

Britney said...

haha, I will post the video as soon as it is done today. We ran out or space on it yesterday. (Don't think dylan didn't remind me first thing this morning to make more space on it before he comes home).
No his U did not marry her Q and he was very unhappy about this. I wonder if jealousy came into play there. :)

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Ashley Haug, First Step Fitness said...

That is absolutely adorable..I remember my kindergarten boyfriend, Nathan.
McKenna is one lucky girl!!!