Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spreading Christmas Cheer

If anyone feels the need to spread a little more Christmas cheer this holiday season, donations are being accepted on behalf of my friend Jackie Peterson (sister of Kattie Mount).  Here is her story (it was in the Utah news this past week).  She is a walking medical miracle.  She had three things wrong with her heart and gave birth to a healthy child (apparently with her condition she should not have survived).  It was kind of a fluke that they even found something wrong with her heart when she went to the Dr. thinking she had the flu. Crazy.  Her medical bills are high now and will continue to skyrocket throughout the coming months/years (especially if she will have to undergo a heart transplant).  I can't imagine how had is is to go through all of this, and with a brand new baby that she can't even hold or nurse. its awful.  Her spirits have been high and she is remaining optimistic but she could benefit from all the support she can get. Even just a little bit will go a long way!

We love you Jackie!


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