Thursday, December 15, 2011

Festivus for the rest of us!

Christmas is almost here! We love partaking in all of the festivities...

Lots of Ho! Ho! Ho!'s

Sugar cookies (and caramel apples) for our teachers and friends. YUM! (MESS!)

Christmas parties with awkward sleigh rides, a live nativity (including a Llama Llama, sheep and a donkey), and crazy hair

School performances
Sydney is in the far left corner. She didn't sing a word and nearly cried on stage. To be fair, there were a lot of people and I think she was pretty overwhelmed. I totally get it. On the first day of their class practicing the singing, the teacher told me that she had a really hard day because of the change in routine (and that they would need to prepare her better next time). Surprise. Her routine is SO will be interesting to see how she adapts with age.

Dylan was cast as the lead in his class Christmas play this year. He was SANTA! Can you believe it!? Ok I guess you can, but still, its amazing to me how calm and comfortable he is speaking in front of crowds. He is a MOUNT for sure. What a great talent! Every kid in the play had 1 to 4 lines and Dylan had about 12. Not only did he remember them all, but he said his lines loud and in a deep Santa voice. It was so cute. I was so proud!

Christmas movie viewings (Charlie Browns Christmas,Mickey an Minnie Christmas, and Home Alone...(Dylan LOVED this one))

Santa Visits
A new family tradition
Our ELF on a shelf was delivered to our fireplace one morning with a bow and letter from Santa. The kids love him and named him ELFIE. Everyday he finds a new place to hide and make a mess. Some of our favorite hiding spots include a toilet paper mess on the Christmas tree, a green toilet with one elfie using the potty, a lego mess, etc. The kids love this tradition, (and so do mommy and daddy as they get to see the kids faces light up everyday).

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Kristine Pratt said...

love the Christmas spirit! You guys are so good at getting out and doing fun things!