Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Go to sleep you little baby...

Syd's Sleepcapades

Not so funny story:
Sydney and Dylan were both in bed. I went into Macey'sroom for about 10 minutes to out her to bed. When I came out, Sydney's door was open and she was nowhere to be found. I ran up and down the stairs screaming her room throughout the house, and nothing. I couldn't find her anywhere. I ran outside screaming her name thinking she might have gone out looking for Marely (our dog) who had gotten out earlier. I ran to the top of the driveway looking through the trees and what not then ran back in the house turning on every light in every room. I finally found her in the corner of the living room, with books and a blanket topped on her. By the time I found her I was in super panic mode and had tears streaming down my face. Horrifying. I took the blanket off here obviosuly, but you can see how I would have missed her right?
This is a picture on a day that she had woken up at 3 am and wouldn't go back to sleep unless she was on the couch. I fell asleep on the ground beside her and woke up to this:

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