Monday, September 19, 2011

Camp Jellystone

We had our FIRST EVER camping trip last weekend! I know I know, what sounds fun about taking a baby camping? That is the exact question that none of us asked ourselves as the groupon popped up and we had only hours to buy. A deals a deal right? It actually worked out ok...for us. We went with two other families, the Andersons and the Snow's. That brought the total to 3 babies, and 4 kids (3-5 years)! Intense. The first night Jeremy A. had to drive home at 3 am with their baby Max who would NOT sleep. Poor guy. He came back in the morning for the days activities, but his family left that night, understandably. The Snows left too so that they could make it to church on Sunday...those righteous folk! Cameron and I however debated staying. We were tired and though Macey slept ok, it wasn't great and Cam had a headache. So, Cameron went home with the girls and left me alone with Dylan. It was awesome! Dylan and I started the fire together, made tin foil dinners and banana boats, and stayed up late reading books and doing shadow puppets in the tent. It was so much fun! I love spending time one on one with my kids, especially my boy. He is so much fun at this age!
So the place that we went was Yogi Bears Jellystone Park/Camp. It wasn't real camping but it was fun and had its perks. It was perfect for kids. The kids brought their bikes and rode, they had a few animals, a train, a mine to pan for gold, 2 parks, and a super fun pool. To top it off, the weekend we went they had a city festival with bouncy houses, a parade, etc. It made for a good time!
Its a bummer that we didn't have two nights with everyone, but that first night was great staying up late around the campfire with such great friends. We will definitely do it again sometime...when the babies get a bit older.

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