Monday, September 5, 2011

Aunti Em and Aliya Visit

Auntie Em and cousin Aliya came for a visit last month. We had a lot of fun just hanging around town and catching up. It was so much fun to watch the kids play together.

Aliya is getting so big! What a cutie she is, look at this face:
We fed the ducks at the lake
We celebrated Aliya's 2nd birthday
We went to the lake
We had lots of daddy time!
We went to Jumpin Joeys. It was Aliya's first time.
The kids LOVED the jumpy houses, but not as much as this helicopter.
They swam A LOT! Here they were cold, wet and loving their yummy smoothies.
We had a great visit with Emily and Aliya. It is always so much fun when they come to visit. I don't know who enjoys it more, me or the kids :). I love my Sista!

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