Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dragon Con Parade 2011

We finally made it to the Dragon Con parade this year, and I promise, we will not EVER miss it again. It was hands down, the greatest parade I have ever been to, and I am from California! :) It was SO entertaining, especially because of how stoked our kids were. It almost felt like Christmas in the sense that we couldn't get enough of seeing the kids faces light up. Dylan went as none other than Darth Vader and every now and again we could catch a glimpse, (through the side of his mask), of his smile spreading from ear to ear. I would have paid big bucks to see that...it was so dang cute! He was the star of our block as he stood up and battled anyone who walked by with his light saber. We even had CNN news come and take some pics.http://geekout.blogs.cnn.com/2011/09/03/the-2011-dragoncon-parade/
picture number 4:
Sydney went as batgirl, and Macey as superman (girl). These are the costumes that we chose this years for this Halloween. Our family is going as super heroes! Since the parade, Sydney has not wanted to wear anything other than her "bad guy" costume. Hilarious. I have become one of those parents that takes her kid to the grocery store in a full head to toe batman costume. Rad. She does me proud!
Whenever Dylan saw someone of his "kind" he raised up his light saber with pride, as if to say, "I am with you, see me"
Supergirl found her daddy
"The heat, my gosh the heat!" (we had to disrobe Macey before she passed out from heat stroke)
I swear Chewy wasn't 15 feet in the movie. What gives?
At last! Is it bad that my 5 year olds idol is Darth Vader? Humm....


Kristine Pratt said...

LOVE THIS! Made me smile~

coco said...

Favorite post of 2011!
How did you get the cutest kids ever?!