Friday, March 11, 2011

Try and Try Again

In the last week, Dylan has learned how to ride a two wheeler bike, and, roller skate. This is huge for Dylan. He tends to want to give up on things that are hard for him, as do many kids, but somehow, (with the instance of his parents) he perservered through this.

Cameron had the day off on Tuesday so he was home to see Dylan when we took of the training wheels. Dylan was excited to try it, and get this, the first time Cameron let go of him, he took off riding. He only fell a few times that day, (mostly as he was trying to stop when cars were coming and such). He picked it up so fast, and now he is a fiend for his bike. I feel like I am in a Dr. Suess book, can I ride my bike "here or “there? Can we ride it everywhere?" I am so proud, especially for the cape that he decided to put on while learning. Classic.

Because Dylan was on a high from learning how to ride his bike, we, (I), thought it would be a idea good to push the skating thing so that he would be reminded that hard work pays off. He has gone skating a couple of times recently, and has showed interest in doing it, he just hasn’t had a lot of patience for it. Last time, Dylan was pretty tired and just laid on the floor because he “couldn’t do it”. So, we wanted to take him again this while it was still fresh in his mind, and remind him that once we learn something, it is a lot more fun to do (just like riding the bike). We cannot give up or we will miss out on so many things in life. I don’t want to pat myself on the back too much, but I do have to say, this worked. He fell, and fell again each time with longer intervals in between, never once stopping to lay on the floor and give up. After about 20 minutes, he had it. He did it! By the end of the night, he was skating just as well as a lot of the 10 year old kids. He made it around 6 times before falling (and only because a girl fell in front of him and he was going to fast and couldn’t slow down). I was so proud. He never gave up, and he was having so much fun! I'm still smiling just typing about it.

I sadly do not have any pictures of Dylan because my battery died after I took a video of him. I did get these of Syd though. Could her little skates be any cuter? They are so tiny!

Syd likes to skate along the carpet when she's not screaming for us to hold her on the main floor (as her feet drag along the ground). That is really fun for all involved.

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