Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quotes of the day

Here are a few recent Dylan quotes and events.

Dylan has a favorite song, called the Bong song. I turned it on for him today on the way home from church.
Dylan: I know where they made this song mommy
Me: Where?
Dylan: At my baseball field
Me: Why do you think that?
Dylan: Because there are a lot of people cheering at the end of the song

Last week Dylan gave his first prayer in primary. I asked him if he needed help and he very bluntly said no. I went and stood in the back and watched. It was amazing. The best prayer I have ever heard! He prayed for about 5 minutes, no joke, thanking Heavenly Father for everything including his sisters and their toys, school, church, school, for mommy and daddy, friends, and school, his teachers, his cousins, school, etc. He then went on to ask for blessings, to be good at school, be nice for mommy and daddy and his sisters, to feel the spirit, to repent, to be good at school, to be happy, oh yeah, and to be good at school. He went on and on and surprisingly had very neat things to say in between all the school talk. At one point I was wondering if he remembered how to end the prayer because he just kept going. I wanted to run up and say, "Amen" but I couldn't. He just kept going and going and when he was done, all the teachers looked at me in amazement and two people turned and said that was the sweetest prayer they had ever heard. One even said, "and that is why I love primary". It was sweet. I am not trying to brag about it, I just thought it was so neat how it was his first time and he was so comfortable and open and vulnerable. I was one proud mama!

On the way home from church today Dylan saw a small house on the side of the road.
Dylan: Mommy I just saw the smallest house in the world. It's as wide as our family in a row.
Me: Really? How many people do you think live there?
Dylan: Maybe just two, but they don't have so much things. Should we give them some of our things? I have some toys that I don't ever play with anymore.
Me: That is a great idea! Maybe we could make some cookies and go over there and see if there are any kids that would like some toys.
Dylan: Yeah, and I have two coins. I could even give them one of them and I can keep one. That way we could all buy some things. They can have the quarter and I'll keep the small one, (a nickel). They could even buy a new house!
Me: Oh we would have to give them a lot of money to buy a new house. They are very expensive.
Dylan: Well maybe I can just get a job like daddy. You could even help me get a job, even maybe work too!

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