Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Quotes of the week

-Dylan saw that my back was really hurting yesterday. When I started to cry he went downstairs only to return with two of his favorite toys (power ranger motorcycle and transformer) saying, "mommy, you can have these two toys for a whole month ok? Will that make you feel better?" Throughout the day he continued giving me toys that he didn't play with saying, "you can even have these toys for two months, but can I still play with my motorcycle even though its yours now?"

-Sydney has been potty training this week. I know when she has an accident because she squeals, "oh no, a poop on the floor!" (She calls everything poop)

-Dylan has been having a hard time on the bus these days due to a boy that he is not too fond of. The other day he came in upset and said, "the bus driver wouldn't even write me up, I don't even know why... I was being so bad".

-Sydney calls grandma "bamma" and grandpa "bammpa". I love it! "I wanna go to bamma's house", or "Hewow bamma?" (Meaning she wants to talk to grandma on the phone.)

-Macey is all laughs these days. She laughs at a look, when the dog licks her face, and when she is about to eat. (That laugh more of a grunt of excitement though, her body even shakes because she is so excited!. )

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