Friday, March 4, 2011


Dylan: I found some money under Grandmas bed.
Me: Oh really, how much is it? (thinking its 3 cents)
Dylan: I don't know.
Me: Let me see.
Dylan: (pulls out a stash in his pocket)
Grandma: It's 50 dollars! Did you get this out of my purse Dylan?
Dylan: No. It was under the bed.

Of course, "it was from Grandma's purse" (Dylan later admitted). Dylan started lying these last few weeks and I am at a loss. I keep thinking that things get easier as children get older, but I am sorely mistaken. Things are just hard in different ways. Ugh. So, back to the lying. Dylan went through a little lying phase at about 3, it lasted for about two weeks, and then passed. I was so excited that this developmental stage came and went so quickly. But...nope. Now, its back, in full force in the form of stealing, exaggerating, and full on lying about accidents that "supposedly" happend at school. He is such a good kid, he just down't quite understand yet...iv'e got some work cut out for me!

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g-ma-ma said...

I didn't know I had that much in my wallet :) Now I have a "Grandma's spare change" jar, so Dylan won't have to go "under the bed" Love him.....:)