Friday, December 31, 2010

West Virginia Christmas Vacation-Day 1

Christmas is coming and what better way to celebrate than with family? We finally took our first family trip to West Virginia to see the Curtis's. Of course the day before leaving I came down with strep throat. After calling to cancel or drive a few days later, Shar insisted that I continue on with the plans..."oh Reagan had that last week...just come!" she said (she crazy! But I guess so am I for going!). The packing took a bit longer, and the house cleaning did not get done, but we went on with the plans. It was an 11 hour drive and went as smooth as can be expected with three children. That last hour was a doozy, but prior to that the kids kept themselves occupied with games, movies and food. It was fantastic! When we arrived we were in for 6 straight days of 8 children under 10. Let the fun begin!
The ginormous bathtub in the basement is a must see. I think they should just turn the whole downstairs into a sauna/spa. They have the hot tub already in place!
After church the men were T-I-R-E-D! Who isn't after three hours of enlightening, soul filling services? (I didn't go so I wouldn't know. I stayed home with Sydney and strep and enjoyed having the house to myself and sleeping for three straight hours. AMEN to that!) By the way, take note of who is holding who's baby. So sweet!

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