Friday, December 31, 2010

West Virginia Christmas Vacation-Day 3

Snowboarding in Maryland!
When we first decided to go to West Virginia we were so excited to spend time with Shar's family. We then realized, " might snow", and we were super excited about that. About a month or so before going we again realized something else, "we could possibly go snowboarding while we were out there". This thought made us crazy excited. We could do all of these things in one visit!? Wowza!

I called Shar to see about babysitters and holy cow, she told me she would do it. You are telling me I can leave you with 8 kids while Cameron and I get to take an entire day to snowboard...alone? Really? YOU CRAZY! I didn't actually believe it! We brought the boards hoping it would happen, and once I realized my strep was not going away, I was hopeless. But alas, we made it work! Cam and I for the first time in 3 and a half years went snowboarding together. It was awesome (and very tiring for a mother of three who is totally out of shape. I was a bit surprised that I didn't come home with something broken!).
Note to self: Don't think that you can get away with going down a black diamond on your first run after a three year hiatus. We are idiots!

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coco said...

I'm loving your WV vacation! I sad I wasn't there but all these great pics are awesome~