Friday, December 31, 2010

West Virginia Christmas Vacation-Day 4

Lazy days!
On the fourth day we were all so tired from the previous days activities that we decided to stay home and just hang out. Shar and I went through bins and bins of baby clothes which took about 5 hours! I love bonding with Shar Shar! She enjoyed remembering certain outfits that Charlotte had worn, while I enjoyed creating memories with them in my mind. They are so cute! (I just have to say that I have changed my kids two times a day since coming home just because there is so much cuteness!) I am a nerd, but really, it was and has been so much fun! I came home with 4 and a half bins of clothes for my two little girls. I think I am about set for a while!
They could be related don't you think? He looks like her big brother! Do you see baby Harrison in the back?

The men went to Tron that evening while we women stayed and played with the babes. I found Dylan and Charlotte playing legos in the dog kennel quite a few times. I think they were trying to keep the babies out! :)

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g-ma-ma said...

The dog kennel pic is hilarious -- that could be the new playpen of 2011, very effective!!