Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random Odds and Ends

Dylan has learned basic anatomy.

Dylan: Daddy I love you
Daddy: Dylan, what does I love you mean?
Dylan: It means that when someone goes away, you miss them because you love them.

While watching the Disney channel with kids dancing in the street singing, Dylan turns to me and says with a smile real big, "I love girls mommy. I'm a boy and I just love girls so much!"

After being on bedrest for a few days due to pregnancy, I pulled Dylan aside after he saw me crying. I talked to him about how much I needed him to help me and be a good boy. I then asked him to run and get his jammies. He got about halfway there and turned around running back to me saying, "mommy I think I just thought I would give you a hug and a kiss before I go and get my jammies." LOVE HIM!

Some of our latest projects:
Dylan is having his first ever kids birthday party tomorrow. He and I are both very excited! The last two parties that he has been to have had pinatas, so of course he has been begging for one ever since. Instead of paying 20 bucks for a ghetto monkey I decided it would be more fun (and cheaper) to try and make one as one of D's weekly projects. It turned out fabulous! I am so happy with it, it is way cuter than the one I almost bought too. Hopefully now it will break! Eek! I wish I would have taken pictures during the paper mache phase, Dylan and I were covered head to toe in the goop! SO MESSY, but FUN!

Dylan is obsessed with puzzles these days. I decided to pull one of my big ones out and attempt it, he actually enjoyed doing the "hard" one with me. It took us about a week (working on it during Syds naps).
I used to LOVE puzzles. In fact, one of my fondest memories as a kid was when I got to stay home with my mom, just her and I, to make a puzzle. She used to call in sick to work, and get me out of school just to stay home with her and work on a puzzle. It would take us all day, but we would complete it! How awesome is that? This only happened about five or so times in my life, and of course I was doing well in school or she never would have taken me out. I remember her asking me to stay home with her a lot more when I was in high school as a bonding thing...cute huh? But I rarely said yes to staying home due to tests and stuff...what is that about?). I love those memories and I see myself doing that someday with my kids, if only the schools weren't so strict about having Dr. notes these days. Paging Dr. Mount and or Dr. West. Love having them in the family! :) Just kidding you two (but not really).
Dylan is painting a project that he picked up at Home Depot during their monthly kids workshop. Check it out, a car storage!
Syd works on Dylan's silo. No kidding, Dylan started making silos a few weeks ago. He knew exactly what they were and what they were used for. Where on earth did he learn about silos? Cameron and I found that Bob the Builder had a segment on their morning cartoon about them. RANDOM! Pretty impressive though! It is amazing to me how much Dylan can remember every detail to everything he has heard. I wonder if he has a photographic memory. It is crazy the stuff he recites back to us after hearing it somewhere on the radio, tv, church, store, etc. I know I say he is smart, but I really think he has a gift. Its pretty amazing.


g-ma-ma said...

You're the best Britney -- look at all these memories you are making with pwajects, puzzles, pinatas....AMAZING!!!

coco said...

Loving the pinata! You are soooo the FUN mom!