Monday, February 1, 2010

Boy Genius!

"Look what I can do!"
(And I promise, Mommy didn't even help me!)I even tried to write in my ginger bread house. I told mommy, "pretend that that L is the other way around because, because, because, there was no room with that door there to make it right")

Is he smart or what!?

My latest funnies:

1. Mommy finally put Sydney down for her nap and as soon as she came out of her room I was so excited to ask her something: "Mommy, are you thinking what I am thinking? That we can make a project?"

2. Mommy has been talking a lot about her baby in her tummy. Yesterday while driving in the car I told her where babies come from:
"Heavenly Father puts babies in girls tummies. He pretends to cut up their backs and he puts babies in there." Mommy was a bit startled and started laughing so I told her, "but Jesus gets really small mommy, so small that we can't even see him. He stays in the couch so that when girls sit down he puts the babies in their backs."
I think its funny that mommy doesn't know where babies come from. She told me something about a seed growing in her belly...that was funny. Daddy couldn't stop laughing.


T-Ray said...

too cute

coco said...

Wow...with his intelligence and sense of humor what will he ever be when he grows up?!!!

Jacki said...

Cute! I think that is exactly where babies come from!

I saw that new picture on your blog and thought you already had your baby. Who is that in the picture?

Britney said...

haha, people keep saying that...its a pic of my sisters new baby. I should probably take it off at least until I have my new babe. 9 more weeks!