Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dylan's Birthday and Valentines Day

We had a family party for Dylan on his birthday. All of the family that lives in town came over and it was so much fun. Dylan just LOVES his cousins. (Especially the girls :) Notice that his cake is pink...yes, he picked out the colors that he wanted. What are we gonna do with this kid? If you notice, he is wearing a cute little tie outfit that he opened up before church. Needless to say, he would not take it off all least it wasn't a dress!
Dylan is happiest when he is with his friends and cousins!
A Grandma sandwich!

Yes, I stood in line for this toy on black friday, I know I am lame, but whatever. When Dylan saw this crane/truck at the store he couldn't take his hands off it. I had never seen him so in love with a toy before, and I really wanted to get it for him. For something that has absolutely no educational value though, I was not going to spend 50 bucks. Not a chance! So come black friday I did what every mother would do :), I went and hid it the day before (since it was the only one), and I waited in line at 5:30 in the morning. By myself! What have I become!? I got it for over 50% off! I was stoked, and come Dylan's birthday, he was too! What we do for our kids....crazy!
Sydney and Grandma are so sweet, but have I mentioned that she says "Gampa" but has yet to say mama or Granma? Where are her priorities? She LOVES the men in the family.

Random Dylan quotes:
1. When brushing his teeth with his new toothpaste he said, "It tastes like a party mommy!"

2. "I think I'm sick because I have to go potty and I think my poop is gonna be a splatty poop."

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Jacki said...

You are a good mom Brit! Love the Black Friday story. And splatty poop... hilarious!